Groups Will Discover a Whole New World at Discovery Cove

Groups Will Discover a Whole New World at Discovery Cove

When Chicago-based Hinda Incentives decided to put together an evening event for their top clients, during a conference here in Orlando, they chose Discovery Cove for its one-of-a kind experience. By day,  Discovery Cove is known for its program for guests to swim with the gentle bottlenose dolphins, feed tropical birds or play inches away from a family of otters. By night, when all the day trippers have gone, beach parties in paradise for groups can be planned. Alisa Schafer, Hinda’s director of marketing decided on a luau theme, replete with Hula dancers.

shell.jpg As guests enter the lobby, the tropical  ocean theme is already built right in, setting the tone for the whole beach experience. And when the group first arrives and the conch shell is blown, it signals the beginning of a fantastic evening!



owl_2.jpg An added bonus: A SeaWorld team member brings out a spotted owl to marvel at and to touch—up close and personal!


cigar.jpg Discovery Cove will help you find some add ons to the evening: A cigar roller for a before or after dinner smoke.


Ozer_and_Fletcher.jpg Ira Ozer and Kevin Fletcher got into the spirit, grabbed a couple of  cigars and are winding down after a long day of meetings.


Hawaiin_Band.jpg Discovery Cove can also arrange an Hawaiin band; a perfect sound to enjoy dinner.


Discovery_Cove_Chef.jpg Discovery Cove has its own kitchen and menus are diverse and plentiful. Here, Chef slices up pork loin, but there’s more on every table:  crab legs, shrimp, fried plantains, vegetables...


Welsh_and_Trewyn.jpg Regis Welsh and Linda Trewyn of MKE Marketing Group, Milwaukee, Wisconsin  got the memo: They’re here in their favorite tropical garb! “When we left Milwaukee it was 38 degrees! It’s just beautiful here. We’ve never been to Discovery Cove. The staff is great, the food is great. We absolutely love it,” said Welch. 


Hula_Dancers.jpg After dessert, it’s on to the show! Hula dancers and fire throwers add to the excitement! Discovery Cove can help source all of these suppliers: from the furniture, to the entertainment. 


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